Poison Oak Treatment in Hoover, AL

Poison Oak Treatment Hoover ALReceiving poison oak treatment is an imperative for anyone in Hoover, Alabama, who comes into contact with this inconspicuous plant. Symptoms include the development of a rash that is red, bumpy, and relentlessly itchy, so it is prudent to seek medical intervention for relief. Fortunately for those who live in Hoover, AL, and the surrounding areas, there’s Summit Express Urgent Care. We are open extended hours on weekdays and even through the weekend so you can receive the treatment you need, when you need it.

In addition to the fact that we hold convenient hours, there are other reasons to consider visiting Summit Express Urgent Care for poison oak treatment:

  • We never require appointments, which means you won’t have to wait days or even weeks as is often the case with a primary care physician.
  • We have a ZipPASS® system, which allows you to sign-in online before your visit so you can get in and out of our office as quickly as possible.
  • Our physicians are all board certified and passionate about providing excellent patient care. Our medical assistants are certified as well, so you can trust you will receive the same quality medical attention that you would at a primary doctor’s office.

Plus, when you choose to visit Summit Express Urgent Care in Hoover, AL, we will forward all of your paperwork to your primary care physician, so you don’t have to worry about causing any gaps in your medical history.

Visit Summit Express Urgent Care today to receive personalized poison oak treatment in an efficient manner. We are conveniently located in Hoover, AL.