Sunburn Treatment for Patients in Vestavia, AL & Nearby Areas

Sunburn treatment and prevention are two immensely important topics that every resident of Vestavia, Alabama, should know well. Though common, sunburn is incredibly dangerous and can have detrimental consequences. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, the risk for melanoma doubles after experiencing any more than five sunburns. In light of this fact, sunburn should be avoided entirely by applying sunscreen to exposed body parts throughout the year.

If sunburn prevention fails, then sunburn treatment is necessary so that the affected area can heal properly. Fortunately for residents of Vestavia, AL, and the surrounding areas, there’s Summit Express Urgent Care, a walk-in clinic dedicated to providing fast, patient-centered, and effective medical care. Consider the following benefits that our clinic has to offer:

  • We hold convenient hours so you can receive sunburn treatment when best fits in with your schedule: 8am to 6pm on Monday through Friday, 8am to 1pm on Saturday, and 1pm to 6pm on Sunday.
  • We never require appointments, so you won’t have to wait to consult with a medical professional. Plus, by signing in with ZipPASS®, you can further streamline your visit with us.
  • Our physicians are all board certified and passionate about patient care, so you can expect the same quality of medical treatment that you would receive at a primary doctor’s office.

Visit Summit Express Urgent Care today to receive effective sunburn treatment in an efficient manner. Our office is conveniently located and easy to find for patients in Vestavia, AL, and surrounding areas.